Increased Agricultural Production

Food insecurity is a global concern as populations (demand) increase and production (supply) is affected by climate change. Geosmart’s Crop Condition Monitoring System (CCMS) helps producers (farmers) and agri-businesses (agronomists, technical advisors, extension officers) to maximize yield and quality by regularly and frequently reporting on the health status of crops within fields, orchards and vineyards. The CCMS uses high (10 m) resolution satellite imagery to detect problems (e.g. water stress, insufficient nutrition, salt accumulation, pests, reactions to fertilizers and pesticides) within fields while the affected areas are still small. Problems with irrigation systems are also detectable at this resolution. Each field is scanned at least once every 5 days, which allows for early detection of problems and monitoring of phenological changes within crops. Crop status is communicated through simple, easy interpretable reports containing high-quality maps at field and farm level.
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Crop Condition Monitoring System Crop Health Map Crop Moisture Map
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