2 m Digital Elevation Model of South Africa (DEMSA2)

Extracted from stereo aerial or satellite imagery, the DEMSA2 offers highly detailed (2 m resolution), accurate and cost-effective terrain data, available on demand.  Available as both a digital surface model (DSM) and a digital terrain model (DEM), with a suite of options, your DEMSA2 order can be tailored to your needs. 

Improved Municipal Management

GeoSmart compiles geospatial datasets. called GeoDataPacks, that are aimed at municipal management. 

Reduced Flood Risk

Geosmart's Flood Hazard Model combines digital elevation model (DEM) derivatives and machine learning to produce a highly accurate and cost-effective flood hazard index. The model output is essentially a map showing where flooding will likely occur during extreme rainfall events. This map is currently being used by the Western Cape Disaster Management Centre of South Africa to mitigate flood risk and to improve disaster management.  

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