Derived from our high resolution DEMSA2 elevation model, our viewshed product offers accurate and detailed line of sight analysis solutions for your planning needs.


Our vieshed product aims to provide critical planning information for agricultural, mining, energy and urban development applications.  Example applications include the following:

  • Modelling wireless internet coverage for an internet of things (IoT) system installation.
  • Predicting the visibility of planned wind turbines for an environmental impact study.
  • Evaluating potential sites for a telecominications installation.

Product Details:

Your GeoSmart viewshed product delivery can consist of any or all of the following:

  • A georeferenced visibility raster for use in GIS software or Google Earth.
  • A georefrenced line dataset (shapefile), indicating the visibility network for the provided points.
  • A pdf map consisting of the visibility raster, visibility network and DEMSA2 hillshade of your order area (example below).

Placing an order:

When placing an order, please send an email to and provide the following:

  • A brief description of your use-case, such that we have some context when conducting our analysis and provide additional support.
  • A set of points for which to conduct the analysis.  This can be provided as a geospatial point file, or as a table in the following format:
y coordinate (latitude) x coordinate (longitude) Observer height (metres)
  • The target elevation for analysis.  This is an offset to be added to the surface model when conducting the analysis.  It can be useful in cases where you are looking for a location to put up signal mast of a specified height.
  • An analysis extent, either as a geospatial polygon, or as a radius from the centroid of the provided points.
  • Your preferred product format(s).


As a base offering we will process up to 10 points, for a single area of up to 100 km² for R1 500.  We are however happy to add more points, increase the area or add additional areas for an added cost.  Please see the following table for a guideline to how order costs will be calculated.

Product Details Price
Base order Up to 10 points, for a single area of interest of up to 100 km². R1 500.00
Additional points Additional points, or an updated set, can be provided at R100 per point. R100 per point
Larger area An additional R10 per km² for every km² over 100 km². R10 per km²
Additional area of interest Additional areas are processed at R500 per area.

R500 per AOI,

R10 per km²

Orthorectified RGB aerial mosaic Provided as a georeferenced raster. R3 per km²

Please note that this table is but a rough guideline on pricing.  Quotations will be done on a case-by-case basis, and may include discounts.  Please get in touch to find out more.

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