GeoDataPack: Stellenbosch Municipality

This GeoDataPack of Stellenbosch local municipality combines various DEMSA2 derivatives and is ideal for detailed spatial (urban and agricultural) planning and hydrological applications.

GeoDataPacks are collections of geospatial datasets tailored for improving decision-making and solving geographical problems. GeoSmart's GeoDataPacks were collated from various sources and formatted so that they can be used in various software packages, including Google Earth, QGIS, and ArcGIS. The datasets can also be viewed as digital maps.

GeoSmart is currently creating GeoDataPacks for municipal areas in South Africa. Below are some examples of the datasets that are included in each GeoDataPack.

DEMSA2 Elevation

DEMSA2 Hillshade

DEMSA2 Solar radiation

DEMSA2 Slope gradient

DEMSA2 Plan curvature

DEMSA2 Profile curvature

DEMSA2 Flow network

DEMSA2 Flow direction

DEMSA2 topographic wetness index (TWI)

DEMSA2 Distance to nearest drainage

DEMSA2 Slope aspect

A dataset of 1m contours is also available but is too detailed to be visualized at this scale. 

GeoDataPacks also include other useful data such as satellite images. For instance:



Product Details:

Typical datasets included in each Municipal GeoDataPack

Layer Name Description Formats
Municipal boundary Boundary of Municipality, obtained from the Demarcation Board of South Africa, used to extract datasets in GeoDataPack V1
Elevation Raw digital elevation model of South Africa DEMSA2* values (i.e. height above mean sea level) that was used to generate the range of derivatives below M, R1, R2
Contours 1m vertical interval contours in vector format with height above mean sea level values as attributes M, R1, R2
Hillshade Artificial illumination, generated from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Hypsometric tinting Fusion between Elevation and Hillshade M, R1
Slope gradient Slope gradient in % rise, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Slope aspect Direction of slope, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Curvature Tangent curvature (concave or convex), derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Plan Curvature Curvature perpendicular to slope direction, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Profile Curvature Curvature in slope direction, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Distance to nearest drainage Distance to nearest drainage , derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Topographic wetness index Modelled soil wetness (based on terrain), derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Solar radiation Modelled annual solar radiation, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
Height above nearest drainage Height above nearest drainage, derived from DEMSA2 M, R1, R2
* DEMSA2 is a 2m resolution digital surface model (DSM) of South Africa

File formats

File Formats
Coordinate Systems
Software Compatibility
Symbolized Map
Adobe Acrobat+; Any photo viewer or web browser+
Raw data
Shape File, KML
WGS84, UTM34S, LO19
1 : 2 000
Google Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+
Symbolized Data
WGS84, UTM34S, LO19
Google Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+
Raw data
WGS84, UTM34S, LO19
Google Earth Pro+, ArcGIS, QGIS+
+ Free software


Package Price
Stellenbosch Municipality GeoDataPack R50,000.00


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