2 m Digital Elevation Model of South Africa (DEMSA2)

DEMSA2 is a highly detailed (2 m resolution) digital elevation model (DEM) of South Africa. In essence, a DEM is a database of height above mean sea level records representing the earth’s terrain and/or features on the earth's surface. 

5 m Stellenbosch University Digital Elevation Model (SUDEM)

The Stellenbosch University Digital Elevation Model (SUDEM) is a 5 m resolution digital elevation model (DEM) – a database of height above mean sea level records – representing the earth’s surface. The 5 m SUDEM, branded as SUDEM5, is currently the highest resolution DEM covering South Africa.

Crop Condition Monitoring System

Geosmart’s Crop Condition Monitoring System (CCMS) collects, processes and analyses high (10m) resolution satellite imagery to detect problems (e.g. water stress, insufficient nutrition, salt accumulation, pests, reactions to fertilizers and pesticides) within agricultural fields while the affected areas are still small.

Crop Health Map

GeoSmart's Crop Health Maps are designed to identify areas within agricultural fields that are under stressed conditions. The maps, generated at 10m resolution (enhanced to 3m resolution) are generated every 5 days for anywhere on the Earth's surface. The Crop Health Maps is a fundamental component of GeoSmart's Crop Condition Monitoring System (CCMS), which helps producers (farmers) to detect problems in cash crop fields, orchards and vineyards at an early stage to reduce their impact on yields and crop quality.

Crop Moisture Map

GeoSmart's Crop Moisture Map differentiates between the levels of moisture in agricultural fields (e.g. cash crops, orchards and vineyards). The maps are ideal for monitoring irrigation response and identifying dry areas in fields.


GeoDataPacks are collections of geospatial datasets tailored for improving decision-making and solving geographical problems. 
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