GeoSmart Drought Watch @ Patensie

01 Feb 2018

Cape Town’s water crisis has been receiving so much attention that the water shortages in other areas have gone unnoticed by many. For instance, due to unprecedented low rainfall in the catchment feeding the Kouga Dam catchment in the Eastern Cape, #dayzero for Patensie and Hankey is imminent. The citrus farming in the area, the main livelihood for many locals, has been hit especially hard. Below is an animation comparing a satellite image of 10 January 2018 with one taken two years ago. It seems like many fields and orchards are fallow in the latest image.

Animation showing impact of drought on Patensie

The crop moisture map below shows the dramatic difference in moisture between 2016 and 2018, with wet and dry areas shown in blue and red shades respectively. Some orchards are clearly experiencing water stress. Farmers in the region have been using innovative ways to increase the water use efficiency, but rain is desperately needed to save the 2018 harvest.

Comparison of crop moisture map of Patensie in 2016 and 218

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