Geosmart Crop Monitoring @ Vaalharts

08 Feb 2018

The Vaalharts irrigation scheme near Jan Kempdorp, Hartswater and Pampierstad is the largest irrigation scheme in South Africa. This animation of Geosmart’s satellite-based crop condition maps shows that many of the cash crops (maize, wheat, barley, lucerne and groundnuts) are planted on a rotational basis – as depicted by the seasonal variations in crop condition (blue shades represent fully grown and healthy crops, whereas yellows and browns are indicative of low biomass and/or stressed conditions). The area also includes some permanent crops (mostly pecan nuts), which are more stable in terms of vegetation condition over the season.

Animation of crop condition in Vaalharts

Geosmart’s crop condition monitoring system (CCMS) extracts a range of qualitative and quantitative crop indicators per field at high frequently (<6 day interval) which producers in the area are using for early detection of problems and for optimizing yields. These maps and statistics are delivered to producers and agronomists as intuitive PDF reports. Below is an example of a detailed map produced for a single field.

Example of crop condition at field level



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