After years of frustrating trial-and-error we have finally found a technique to automatically convert digital surface models (DSMs) – generated using optical stereo images (i.e. using photogrammetry) – to digital terrain models (DTMs)

A warm welcome to Hanu Mostert

GeoSmart Space would like to extent a warm welcome to the newest member of the team, Hanu Mostert!

Flood Hazard Index

A brief introduction to our new Flood Hazard Index product.

Viewshed Analysis

An introduction to our brand new solution - vieshed analysis.

DEM derivatives - get more than you bargain for!

An introduction to some of the datasets that can be derived from digital elevation models.

Digital elevation model types

An overview of the different types of digital elevation models.

DEM data - adding depth to your geospatial analysis

An introduction to digital elevatiom models and how they can aid spatial analysis problems.

Topographical Normalization of Remotely Sensed Imagery

This animation generated by the Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA) at Stellenbosch University illustrates the importance of topographical normalization when working with satellite images.


This map shows the flood hazard around the Knysna estuary, South Africa. The flood-prone areas (shown in red and orange) were identified using a combination of machine learning and the Digital Elevation Model of South Africa at 2m resolution (DEMSA2)

Help South Africa stop COVID-19

Please visit the official government COVID-19 Resource Portal to find out what you can do to stop the virus.
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