Bringing SPACE down to EARTH

Most things (e.g. people, resources, phenomena) can be related to a position on (or above) the Earth’s surface. By knowing these positions, and how they change over time, we can better understand how such things behave, have behaved, and will behave in the future.

GeoSmart finds solutions to geographical problems by combining out-of-the-box geospatial thinking with cutting-edge technologies, such as geographical information systems (GIS), earth observation satellites, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), mobile devices, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Our vision is to demystify the perceived complexities of geospatial technologies and provide simple products and services that effectively solve geographical problems.

GeoSmart was founded by Prof Adriaan van Niekerk and is a spin-off company of Stellenbosch University. GeoSmart consequently has close ties with the university and often collaborates with its entities, in particular the Centre for Geographical Analysis (CGA).

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